How law firms can get started with content marketing


Organisations across industries, including leading law firms, are turning to content marketing. According to this report by the Content Marketing Institute, 90% of Australian marketers agree that content marketing is an important component of their marketing program, yet 97% reported varying levels of success in meeting their organisation’s targets. When done right, content marketing can be a cost-effective way to boost revenue and create…

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Legal Writers Wrap Up: February 2018

Legal Writers Wrap up

February has proved to be a quiet month, with lots of parliamentary debate but very few bills passed. Nonetheless, there’s always something going on somewhere, so here’s our wrap up of recent events. If your clients would like to know more, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help get the word out. Immigration It’s time to start preparing for the changes to…

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Legal Writers Wrap Up: January 2018

Legal Writers Wrap up

It feels like Christmas was only yesterday but January has already whizzed past us. The summer recess for both Parliament and the courts means there haven’t been a lot of new developments this month. There’s always something happening, though, and we’ve rounded those changes up below. If you’re too busy catching up to write a newsletter or blog posts, get in touch, we’d be happy to…

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4 ways to create quality legal content in 30 minutes or less


As a marketing or practice manager, you’re placed in a difficult position every single day. Asking your busy professionals to write quality content so you can post it on your firm’s blog, add it to your newsletter or place it in an industry publication. While it’s an important part of marketing, it’s a big ask for your fee earners to find a few hours to…

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Why partners shouldn’t review your law firm’s blog posts and articles

law firm partner write content

I speak to a lot of law firms, talking about their marketing and helping them to create content that suits their brand, clients and budget. One thing that I hear often is that content is very costly and time-consuming for them to produce their law firm’s blog because their senior partners are heavily involved in its production and often become a bottleneck. This always amazes…

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Why Inbound Marketing is the Perfect Match for Law Firms

inbound marketing law firm

Inbound marketing is the art of attracting prospects before they’re ready to buy your services. You may have heard this oft-quoted statistic from SiriusDecisions: 70% of the buyer’s journey is done before they reach out. Inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content that aligns with the interests of your desired customers. They’ll find your content organically, which means you’ll already be established in their…

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Measuring the success of your firm’s inbound marketing strategy

law firm inbound marketing

What gets measured gets done, but how do you measure the impact of your firm’s inbound marketing efforts? According to HubSpot’s State of Inbound 2017 report 46% of businesses said that inbound marketing (that’s content marketing, email marketing and even social media promotion) generated more return per $ invested than other marketing activities. This isn’t that surprising when you consider how expensive traditional business development activities…

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Which social media platforms are right for your firm?

Social media platform strategy

You may have the best written and most informative content in the world on your blog, but without a social media strategy, you’re likely to be missing out on a huge swath of your possible audience. Social media channels are ideal for pushing out your own content, with the view of bringing viewers to your website. It also represents an opportunity to interact with…

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How to find specialist writers for specialist firms


It’s not that you don’t want to hire a content marketer. It’s that you’re a specialist, and your content needs to reflect that. Unfortunately, most technical specialists aren’t great writers, and most great writers aren’t technical specialists. So what’s a professional services firm to do?  If you’ve experienced this frustration, you’re not alone. Too often, law firms end up having to edit their outsourced…

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4 ways to promote that you won an award


It’s a privilege and an honour to receive an award or be featured in a prestigious list like Australia’s Best Lawyers and Lawyer of the Year list. These accolades are often peer-reviewed, which means your peers and colleagues all recognise and acknowledge the work that you do. But how do you ensure your clients and potential new clients know that you’re at the top of…

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