Targeted Content Marketing: How to Know What Your Clients Don’t Know

As more and more businesses embrace content marketing, the amount of content online is growing. In the contest for consumer attention, most businesses focus on gaining the most clicks. However, content marketing success demands conversions and conversations. Audience engagement is at the heart of effective content marketing. It can be tough to consistently create content that keeps your clients and prospects engaged. Your audience…

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Legal Writers Wrap Up: August 2018

Legal Writers Wrap up

August might have been cold, but over at Legal Writers we’re just warming up. Hot off the presses, here’s all the latest in Australian legal news. Employers, consumer businesses and property investors might want to know, too, so why not share with your clients? For ideas on how to use Legal Writers Wrap Up to boost your marketing strategies, just press play. Or give us…

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How to make sure your business website attracts new clients


Your business website is central to your online presence. If your website doesn’t get enough leads or traffic then it’s not serving your marketing efforts like it should. A business website that follows some best practices of online marketing increases its chance of appealing to your target audience and converting them into clients. Here are some important things that will help you create a…

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4 ways to create quality legal content in 30 minutes or less


As a marketing or practice manager, you’re placed in a difficult position every single day. Asking your busy professionals to write quality content so you can post it on your firm’s blog, add it to your newsletter or place it in an industry publication. While it’s an important part of marketing, it’s a big ask for your fee earners to find a few hours to…

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The What, Why and How of Using a Ghost Writer for Thought Leaders

What is ghost writing? Today’s thought leaders are publishing more than ever – here’s why they might be using a ghost writer. Often, you may want to promote your own brand as a thought leader as well as providing content for your law firm. Whether you’re the founding partner or a sole practitioner seeking to get a foothold in the industry, expert content can…

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Why partners shouldn’t review your law firm’s blog posts and articles

law firm partner write content

I speak to a lot of law firms, talking about their marketing and helping them to create content that suits their brand, clients and budget. One thing that I hear often is that content is very costly and time-consuming for them to produce their law firm’s blog because their senior partners are heavily involved in its production and often become a bottleneck. This always amazes…

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Why Inbound Marketing is the Perfect Match for Law Firms

inbound marketing law firm

Inbound marketing is the art of attracting prospects before they’re ready to buy your services. You may have heard this oft-quoted statistic from SiriusDecisions: 70% of the buyer’s journey is done before they reach out. Inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content that aligns with the interests of your desired customers. They’ll find your content organically, which means you’ll already be established in their…

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Should your firm really outsource legal content creation?


Whether you’re planning on revamping your firm’s website or trying to maintain a blog to attract new clients, one of the first questions you’ll need to consider is what you’re going to write. As a professional you know just how important every single word is, so it’s understandable that you want to write every word in-house. Just like writing for legal accuracy is a highly…

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Convert more clients with clever SEO

SEO web traffic conversion

Designing a content marketing strategy for your law firm? Don’t overlook the power of great SEO to attract new clients. What is SEO? SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, has gone through quite an evolution since its inception. Gone are the days when online content was littered with keywords that did nothing to improve the quality of the prose. Today’s SEO content is dynamic and seamlessly…

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Content marketing is just about content, right?

content-marketing-law firms

Creating content to market your firm should be easy. You pick a relevant topic and write away, right? Actually, there’s a lot more science behind content marketing and what it should contain in order to attract a potential client, and then help them decide that you’re the best firm for them. This process is called the sales funnel and it’s based on your buyer’s journey….

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