Why thought leadership isn’t just about new ideas


In recent years, thought leadership has become an essential part of an effective marketing toolkit. Many businesses and marketers feel the pressure to keep generating new insights to stand out in the sea of marketing content. While thought leadership is a great way to showcase new ideas, it can do much more for your business. When done right, it can position your business as a…

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The ROI on thought leadership content


The concept of thought leadership has grown in popularity in recent years. However, it can be tricky to define and measure which can make it difficult for businesses to understand the impact it can make. But when done well, t delivers an impressive return on investment. What makes a thought leader? Thought leadership isn’t a novel concept. Every industry has its thought leaders. These…

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Content marketing in the COVID-19 crisis

content marketing COVID-19

These are turbulent times. COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way we live and work in what seems like no time at all. We don’t know what’s going to happen next, or what it will mean for us. We do know that no single industry will be unaffected. That’s why good content marketing in the COVID-19 crisis is so crucial. At Legal Writers, we’ve been…

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5 online marketing ideas for accountants


Traditionally, accounting has relied on long-term client partnerships and referrals to meet its business goals. With advances in technology, this approach is no longer enough. Potential clients today tend to shop around online before they hire an accountant. They are now more likely to find your accounting firm in search engine results or on a social media platform. This is why your online presence…

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How law firms can get started with content marketing


Organisations across industries, including leading law firms, are turning to content marketing. According to this report by the Content Marketing Institute, 90% of Australian marketers agree that content marketing is an important component of their marketing program, yet 97% reported varying levels of success in meeting their organisation’s targets. When done right, content marketing can be a cost-effective way to boost revenue and create…

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Why this is the year for fintechs

fintech marketing

In the aftermath of The Royal Commission report, some of the biggest issues within the Australian financial system lie exposed. The lack of transparency, regulation, and competition have been made very clear. With most large banks under fire, the industry is set for an overhaul, not just at the hands ASIC, but also from other smaller and modern players. We can also expect several…

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How financial planners can build their brand

financial planners reputation management

The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry has left financial planning with a tarnished image. The report has highlighted conflicts of interest and called for greater professionalism in the industry. In the wake of the report, consumer trust in the industry has suffered. This presents a huge challenge to the industry. But it’s also an opportunity for firms…

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5 financial advisor marketing ideas that work


The financial planning industry has traditionally depended on referrals to generate new clients and drive business. However, investors today are increasingly turning to the internet to make their investment decisions. While referrals should still be a part of your marketing strategies as a financial advisor, online marketing can help you develop strong relationships with both current and prospective clients. When done right, online marketing…

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Legal Writers Wrap Up: October 2018

Legal Writers Wrap up

As the Banking Royal Commission wraps up, and property prices in the Eastern states start to slide, the news this month is mostly about money.  Increased regulation and scrutiny are likely to affect clients in a range of industries. If you need to let your clients know about any of these developments, get in touch: we can help! Corporate Proprietary companies can now raise…

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Legal Writers Wrap Up – June 2018

Legal Writers Wrap up

This month in the law – June 2018 A new financial year is upon us, and with it a number of legal updates to be aware of. As befits the time of year, this edition of Wrap Up is all about money: tax, stamp duty, financial oversight and even more tax! If you think any of these developments might pique your clients’ interests, get in…

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