Content marketing in the COVID-19 crisis

content marketing COVID-19

These are turbulent times. COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way we live and work in what seems like no time at all. We don’t know what’s going to happen next, or what it will mean for us. We do know that no single industry will be unaffected. That’s why good content marketing in the COVID-19 crisis is so crucial.

At Legal Writers, we’ve been refreshing the news and searching out explainer articles to try and find the answer to all of our questions. You might be doing the same thing. Your clients certainly are.

How has COVID-19 changed the way we communicate?

Research by Global Web Index this week found that every demographic is checking social media and newsfeeds more often than usual. A lot more. Gen Z are up 27%, millennials and Gen X up 29% and 30% respectively and even Boomers 15%. 40% of people said they were checking the news more often, but we’re also looking for connection. With so many people working from home, the internet is becoming our go-to source of human interaction.

As lawyers, accountants and other professionals, you already have a relationship of trust with your clients. Now, more than ever, they’ll be looking to you for answers to their worries. Timely, clear communication is key to maintaining and building that relationship.

What do your clients need to know?

The questions your clients have will depend on their industry. They might want to know what their workplace health and safety obligations are if they suspect an employee is coming to work with coronavirus symptoms. Small to medium businesses are very likely to be worried about their turnover and revenue. They’ll need help understanding the latest Federal stimulus package and what help they can access. Companies who have contracted to deliver goods and services that they can’t fulfil will be looking for assistance on their contractual rights and obligations. You may need to offer assistance managing layoffs so that your clients aren’t in breach of industrial obligations.

If you’re changing the way you do business, reach out to your clients and let them know. Perhaps you’re moving to virtual consultations. Do you have a secure portal that allows clients to upload documents securely, and sign them digitally? Real estate agents and property managers may need to pivot to virtual auctions and inspections. Be proactive in letting your client base know how you’re adjusting – it’s the perfect way to keep your firm top of mind.

How can content marketing strategies help you reach your clients?

As in more normal times, the best way to reach your clients depends on who they are and what their online behaviours might be. Here are a few ideas that can help you cut through the noise:

  • Video. With so many of us working from home, human interaction is at a premium. Video helps you put a face to your content, stimulate interest and increase engagement. Consider a short two or three minute video to accompany a longer, information-rich blog article.
  • SEO-optimised content. Everyone has questions. Make sure they find your answers first with SEO-optimised articles. Focus on what your clients will need to know and establish your company as knowledge leaders.
  • FAQ. Quick answers to frequently asked questions in the coronavirus age. This type of content is perfect for email marketing campaigns, social media and websites because it’s easily digested. You can use FAQ as a teaser to persuade people to click on longer content or to book a (virtual) consultation with you.

If Legal Writers can help you reach out to your clients, please get in touch. We’d love to have a virtual coffee with you!