Digital marketing for accountants

Accounting and bookkeeping services are going through a period of dramatic change. In the past, clients looked for someone to help them meet their accounting compliance needs, but now easy to use cloud software platforms and more challenging business environments mean they need more. Many look to their accountant for advice on how to operate their business and grow. While you know you have the expertise, getting that information out to your clients and potential clients can be challenging. That’s where digital marketing for accountants comes in.

Digital marketing for accountants

digital-marketing-for-accountantsWhether you’re a chartered accountant, a CPA or even a bookkeeper, you need to be able to find new clients easily and at minimal cost. Digital marketing can help you be found on search engines and even direct your website to potential clients. There are many different ways you can do this including:

– Having a small business accounting blog.

– Writing case studies about how you’ve helped your clients.

– Putting in place accounting marketing strategies.

– Using online networking tools for accountants.

– Regularly posting on social media.

– Tailored business copywriting that is targeted to your clients.

– Making sure your website includes SEO keywords.

– Writing current and informative profiles for key people at your firm.

– Regularly sending out emails or newsletters to your clients.

– Creating other multimedia content like podcasts, webinars, infographics and even your own YouTube channel.

– Taking advantage of other online CPA marketing tools.

These all have one thing in common – they’re designed to make sure that anyone who comes across your website or online marketing knows that you’re an expert who can help them.

Online marketing strategies for accounting firms

You may have heard of search engine marketing or SEO. This is important because it makes sure that search engines like Google can find your website. If they can’t find you, neither will your potential clients. Every piece of content that you put online has the potential to be found by search engines and can benefit from good SEO.

In the past, SEO was quite simple to achieve, but as the algorithms get more complex so does SEO. We’ve helped accounting firms, CPAs and bookkeepers optimise their website and help their customers find them online. Some ways we have achieved this include:

– Identifying the best accounting blog topics.

– Finding the right keywords to target and weaving them into blog posts.

– Suggesting other titles, meta descriptions and wording to help drive more traffic to websites.

– Giving ideas about new types of content or ways to generate leads.

If you require even more specialised SEO assistance, we also partner with expert SEO agencies to give your business the best opportunity to be found online.

It’s also important to make sure that the content you write is accurate and relevant to your clients. Accounting is a specialist profession, so you need someone who understands your business to write about it for your clients. Our business copywriters have legal degrees and some have also studied accounting – some have even worked as tax lawyers and accountants in chartered accounting firms. They can help you put together quality content that is easy for your clients to understand and helps drive relevant leads to your business.

Social media marketing for accountants

social-media-for-accountantsOnce you’ve written great content and it’s on your website, it’s also important to get the word out by promoting it. That’s where social media comes in. You can use it for your CPA firm marketing in several ways:

– Share your accounting or bookkeeping blog posts so people can read what you have to say.

– Connect with influencers who may also share your content. This helps you build your networks and broaden the reach of your promotion and advertising efforts.

– Find clients and help them find you by sharing information that is relevant and interesting to them.

– Build your brand as a thought leader and expert in your area.

To do social media for accounting firms well, it’s a good idea to start with a plan. This can take into account your brand positioning, your target market and what you want to achieve. Then your marketing plan should step out exactly how you will achieve that. By doing this, you will be able to decide which social media platforms are best for your business and how you will need to interact on them.

We have put together and executed detailed marketing plans for accounting firms and bookkeepers that cover content, social media promotion and lead generation.