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Social media marketing is an essential part of promoting your professional services firm. In a world where eight in ten Australians use social media regularly, you can’t afford not to meet them there.

We’ve spoken to accountants, lawyers and financial advisers about their social media marketing strategy, and heard the same things over and over again. They want to develop an effective social media strategy, but they don’t have the time. They could outsource, but the risks of getting someone inexperienced or not legally trained seem too high.

That’s where we come in. Legal Writers only hires legally qualified staff, so there’s no risk of your social media plan running off the rails. We have years of experience working across financial services, accounting and multiple areas of law, so we understand the technical jargon and are familiar with liability and risk.

We’ll sit down for a consultation with you so we can better understand your goals and priorities. Then we’ll put together a social media marketing plan that effectively targets the right demographic, fosters engagement and builds your brand. That will include advice on which platforms are suitable for you, a realistic social media posting schedule, a social media content plan and a system of analytics that monitors your growth.


For social networking and B2B social media marketing, LinkedIn is the reigning champion. No matter what your niche, from accounting to financial services to law, you’ll be able to make connections with peers and potential clients. Judicious use of LinkedIn will improve your ranking in search engines, gain exposure for your brand and connect with media.

By posting high-quality articles on LinkedIn, you’ll establish yourself as a thought leader in your field. For professional services firms, especially in highly skilled professions like law and accounting, demonstrating your expertise is vital. We can write, edit and post those articles on your behalf and promote them across other platforms.

You can also join or create relevant professional groups, giving you the opportunity to contribute and lead discussion that further cements your reputation. We’re skilled in working with you to pick up your voice so that we can interact on your behalf and help deepen those impressions.


Facebook is still the leading social media platform, with a reach of over a billion people. It’s an especially effective marketing strategy for professional services firms, as its audience skews slightly older than some other platforms. If your target audience is between 25 and 54, as it’s likely to be, Facebook is ideal.

As a platform, it has a number of advantages. You can push content out through Facebook to expand your audience and encourage people to click through to your site. Comments foster engagement.

Facebook video allows for live streaming of content. If you’re a B2C business, why not schedule a Q&A with one of your lawyers, financial advisors or accountants so that people can ask questions about a popular topic? 

Facebook ads also tap into the platform’s powerful data set, allowing you to spend money to reach just those people who are likely to use your services. Select by geographical area, age and interest so that your advertising dollars get straight to the source.

We’ve harnessed the power of Facebook for multiple businesses, and we can do it for you as well. From disseminating content to creating conversation starters, to moderating comments, we’ll keep your Facebook page as lively as it is authoritative.


Fast moving and dynamic, Twitter can feel overwhelming if you’re not used to the platform. As a way to start brand conversations, though, it’s almost unbeatable. Twitter is a quick way to link to content, and your audience will forgive you for linking to the same content more than once. It’s also effective at sharing other people’s content, which means you’re building rapport and establishing yourself as up to date in your field. Anyone can strike up a conversation on Twitter – an effective social media plan will see your firm doing just that.

We can curate interesting and relevant content for you that will appeal to your audience and build your followers. We’ll monitor your account to make sure comments are responded to quickly and appropriately, reach out to people who can help your business and strengthen relationships.


Instagram is nipping at the heels of the other social media platforms in recent times, and for good reason. It’s visually compelling, snackable, and instantly engaging. With Instagram Stories, you can post a photo or live video that’s only visible for 24 hours. That lends the content a sense of immediacy. It’s ideal for sharing a quick snapshot of a professional event, speaking straight to camera or just adding a bit of levity to your brand.

Professional services firms, whether they’re legal, financial or accounting firms, may well benefit from an increased perception that they’re approachable and relatable. We can help. We’ll help you establish an identifiable but unique Instagram name and bio, and curate images that showcase your brand. Crisp, approachable prose and the right hostages will get you noticed by far more people than you might ever reach otherwise.

No matter which platform you choose, it’s important to understand that merely being present on social media isn’t a marketing strategy. An effective social media marketing strategy plays to the strengths of your business – bolstering relationships and fostering engagement.

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