Legal copywriting

Copywriting is about making your product sound compelling. That means snappy, engaging copy that people will actually read. For Australian law firms, legal copywriting can present quite a challenge.

You need to blend legal expertise and accessibility to create something people will enjoy reading.

We craft sharp, vivid content that makes your clients sit up and take notice – without losing your nuance.

We specialise in writing copy for Australian law firms. That means our copywriting services are tailored to you. We’ll adjust our strategy depending on whether we’re writing for your website, email newsletters or advertising campaign. And if we’re writing for the web, we’ll employ SEO optimisation to boost your site’s search engine rankings. We have a proven track record of writing authoritative content that won’t appear ‘stuffed’ with SEO keywords but is engaging and natural.

Legal copywriting by lawyers

All of our writers are qualified lawyers, with a range of expertise across Australian law firms, professional services and academia. That means that we can write confidently and accurately across all areas of law. We understand the need for complete accuracy. We also understand how to turn legalese into plain English.

No matter what your practice area, marketing your firm needs compelling copy. Your website is your first and best chance to impress. Let’s make sure you have an impact.

Commercial Law and Transactions

If your law firm practices commercial or transactional law, your clients are likely to be other companies. While some law firms do also advise high net worth individuals, this is a business-to-business arrangement. That means that your copy should be tailored to those organisations.

We’ll help you get the ear of the decision makers with sharp copy that sells itself.

Taxation Law

If you’re a taxation lawyer, you understand the importance of keeping up to date. Our copy is well researched and up to the minute. We bring fresh eyes to a subject that can get bogged down in technicalities and make it accessible for the reading public. We’re familiar with the Australian taxation environment and can synthesise it without losing accuracy.

Property Law

property law copywriting

Property and real estate are always in the news, and the legislation is always changing. Buyers and sellers alike turn to the internet to find out where they stand. Our legal copywriters will help you make sure your firm gets noticed with helpful, up-to-date content and copy.



It can be hard to stand out from the crowd as a conveyancer. One thing that can help is tailoring your copy directly to the right clients. Conveyancing clients are often individuals, and if it’s their first time buying or selling a property they may have a lot of questions.

We’ll help you craft warm, engaging copy that reassures them that they’re in safe hands with your conveyancing practice. With good SEO copy, your site will move up the rankings and be more likely to convert leads to clients.

Financial Services

Financial services professionals are amongst the most regulated in the world. It’s easy to let your habitual caution spill over into your copy. But your clients don’t want to read dry, technical content on your website, and that’s where well crafted copy can help.

financial services copywriting

Whether you’re a wealth management firm, accountant, fintech start up, private equity/VC firm or the like, we can help. We’ve written for a range of financial services professionals, helping them with everything from compliance manuals to compelling web copy. We’ll humanise your work and engage your audience, without sacrificing the pinpoint accuracy that your industry requires.


The banking sector is entrusted with the wealth of individuals and companies alike. Your clients will be looking to see that you pay attention to detail and that your banking institution holds itself to the most rigorous of standards.

It follows that your copy, too, should be of impeccable quality. Copy from a content mill shows: even if it’s grammatically correct, it’s often flat and repetitive. If you’re going to win the trust of investment advisory services, large companies and individuals, it’s worth going above and beyond.

Our copy is part of your brand. We’ll help you convey the authority and trustworthiness your firm lives every day.

Immigration Law

Immigration law can be a confusing minefield for its clients. Accordingly, it’s amongst the areas of Australian law that people google the most before committing to a firm. That represents an excellent opportunity for your immigration law practice. If potential clients are using the internet to research their problem, and your site offers them some reassurance that their questions can be answered, they’re more likely to convert.

It’s also an area in which plain, accessible English is absolutely vital. Immigration lawyers cater to a wide range of clients, many of whom have English as a second language. Clear, concise, crisp copy is key.

Employment Law

Employment law firms may have employees, employers or both as clients. Your particular mix will determine whether you focus on B2B or B2C copy. Tailoring your tone to your audience is a learned skill – luckily, we have plenty of experience at doing it for you!

Whichever you choose, your copy should draw in the reader and make them feel heard at what can be a frustrating time in their lives.

Personal Injury Law

Personal injury claims can quickly become very technical. You’re not only using legal terminology, you’re weaving in medical terminology as well. All of this needs to be distilled down to copy that’s readily understandable by people from every industry.

With extensive experience in the personal injury field, we have the knowledge to help. We’ll parse difficult terms so that your readers don’t have to.