Digital marketing for lawyers

Digital marketing for lawyers

Smart Australian law firms are starting to see the value in legal content marketing. Digital marketing for lawyers involves using the information on your firms’ website – whether it’s in blogs, website copy, case summaries, landing pages or even your lawyer’s profiles – to inform and attract more clients to your page. Clients find your law firm’s website through Google or other search engines, which means you don’t need to spend business development dollars to attract them.

But digital marketing for lawyers isn’t just about words on a page. For to work, it needs to be the right words – and that’s where legal digital marketing is challenging. Anyone can write good marketing content with search engine optimisation (SEO), but not everyone is a great legal content writer – creating legal copy that’s easy for clients to understand but also precise and informative.

That’s where Legal Writers is different. We were lawyers before we were marketers. Our writers know the law and we know how to make it accessible to your clients – whether they’re individuals, startups, small businesses or multinational corporations.

We understand that your needs are unique. Your marketing resources may include an entire business development team or just yourself. That’s why everything we do is tailored specifically to your firm. Whether you need an extra pair of hands to finish a large project, need help creating just one blog, or want someone to manage the whole box and dice. We’re flexible so that you can build your law firm the way you want.

Content for legal websites


Your law firm’s website is your brand. Every word on it should reflect who you are and be designed to attract the right clients. We know that your firm has its own unique culture and style, but it can be difficult to set yourself apart from the pack online. That’s where expert legal copywriting can really make a difference.

Some of the content we have written for Australian law firms includes:

– Law firm blogs

– Case summaries

– Law firm marketing strategies

– Editorial calendars

– SEO copywriting

– Email marketing

– Published newsletters

– Law firm brochures

– Individual lawyer profiles

– Website copy

– Social media content plans

– Social media posts

We can also help you create multimedia content that will set your firm apart. We partner with experts and work with them to write and implement your law firm’s marketing strategy. We can help you create:

– Podcasts

– Webinars

– Video content

– Your own YouTube channel

– Infographics

– Memes

We work with you to understand your unique brand and style to craft content that reflects your firm and your target clients. Backed by our knowledge and experience in the legal industry, we make sure that every word on your website also reflects the depth of your expertise and thought leadership with integrity. Leveraging our legal marketing expertise, we also craft this in a way that shows your clients what you do and how you can help them.

Everything we do is bespoke. It’s been designed and written specifically for your firm.

We know you’re busy and writing legal blogs, case summaries, and marketing brochures are often low on your lawyers’ to-do list. We can help you keep things moving by ghostwriting for them.

We also know that every firm likes to work differently. Some are happy to hand over everything and let us manage their editorial calendar and blog content for them, while others prefer to draft their own content and ask us to be their legal editor, checking the content for consistency and publishing it for them. We’re flexible to your needs and will work with your lawyers in whatever way is more efficient for them.

Law firm SEO marketing

Search engine marketing is important – there’s no point having a website if it’s never seen by anyone. Good SEO helps search engines like Google find your website and show it to people who are searching your legal services. SEO is becoming more difficult to get right every day. As search engine algorithms become more complex, it’s essential that you get the right advice to optimise your website and maximise the opportunities for it to be found online.

We have helped law firms:

– Identify the right keywords to target for blog posts.

– Cleverly weave keywords into their law firm’s website without losing the flow or meaning of the copy.

– Suggest alternative titles and wording to help drive more traffic to their website.

We have experience writing website content for law firms that includes relevant keywords. While there are many expert SEO agencies, a cursory search of keywords won’t necessarily come up with the legal terms that your clients may be searching for. We’re legally qualified, so we understand the law and the intricacies of legal terminology. This can help you find the right keywords.

If you require even more specialised SEO assistance, we also partner with expert SEO agencies to give you the best opportunity to be found on the internet.

Creating leads for law firms

Some pages on your website are designed to get a response. From your Contact page to downloads for case summaries or webinars – these pages need a clear strategy and high conversion copy. We have helped businesses create landing pages that have a clear call-to-action and create leads. By using your website to create leads, you can save your precious business development budget for other high impact activities.

We can help you create more leads from your website by:

– Developing an inbound marketing strategy that targets your clients.

– Creating client personas to help guide every aspect of your inbound and broader law firm marketing strategies.

– Developing lead magnets that encourage potential clients to give you their contact details.

– Create quality content that informs potential clients and demonstrates the breadth of your expertise.

Whatever you need to build your firm, our door is always open. Let’s have coffee and see how we can help your firm.