Why partners shouldn’t review your law firm’s blog posts and articles

law firm partner write content

I speak to a lot of law firms, talking about their marketing and helping them to create content that suits their brand, clients and budget. One thing that I hear often is that content is very costly and time-consuming for them to produce their law firm’s blog because their senior partners are heavily involved in its production and often become a bottleneck.

This always amazes me.

After all, lawyers are generally quite intelligent people. And once someone has made it to partner they usually know a thing or two about how to run the business of law. So why on earth would they dedicate their most expensive resource to producing marketing materials?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s important for partners to be involved in marketing. Networking and business development events build direct relationships with clients and prospects and are an invaluable part of most law firm’s marketing strategy. While blog posts, marketing brochures, newsletters and external articles are also integral elements of a firm’s branding and marketing, they can be achieved without the high-touch of partners.

In fact, 99% of these marketing materials can be produced in a way that is much more efficient. But it’s important to make sure that you don’t lose the essential elements that make your marketing materials unique and reflective of your firm – your firm’s style and voice and your expertise.

Every firm we work with has a different voice, a different style of writing and way of expressing their opinion. Some take an academic approach, others prefer to be more concise, expressing themselves in plain English. Almost every firm has one or a small handful of people who set the firm’s universal voice. The key is to put the elements that make their voice unique to paper in a way that everyone who writes for the firm understands.

The alternative is to leverage the experience of someone who specialises in writing in different voices. This is often where we come in. For many firms, we take articles, newsletters and other marketing materials that have been drafted by their legal experts and then convert them into a style and tone of voice that matches that of the firm.

The result is something that makes everyone at the firm happy. The lawyers who write the articles are no longer subjected to the frightful red pen of their partners, and the partners have more time to spend doing what they do best… helping their clients. It’s a win-win.

If your partners are spending too much time reviewing your content, why not try us out. What have you got to lose?