Why thought leadership isn’t just about new ideas


In recent years, thought leadership has become an essential part of an effective marketing toolkit. Many businesses and marketers feel the pressure to keep generating new insights to stand out in the sea of marketing content. While thought leadership is a great way to showcase new ideas, it can do much more for your business. When done right, it can position your business as a…

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The importance of vulnerability in leadership and thought leadership


In the face of growing complexity and uncertainty, the traditional idea of “tough as nails” leadership is losing support. Employees and consumers alike are seeking authentic and approachable leaders they can trust and that comes by leading with vulnerability. A different approach to leadership Traditionally, leadership has involved projecting a confident, competent, and authoritative image. This stems from the belief that employees respect “tough”…

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The ROI on thought leadership content


The concept of thought leadership has grown in popularity in recent years. However, it can be tricky to define and measure which can make it difficult for businesses to understand the impact it can make. But when done well, t delivers an impressive return on investment. What makes a thought leader? Thought leadership isn’t a novel concept. Every industry has its thought leaders. These…

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The difference between thought leadership and content marketing

Difference between content marketing and thought leadership

What is the difference between thought leadership and content marketing? Businesses across the world are turning towards content to power their marketing strategy. The categories of “content marketing” and “thought leadership marketing” have grown rapidly. These approaches have many similarities. This has led to some confusion around their roles, goals, and messaging.  To get results, it’s important to understand the differences between them. Thought…

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