4 ways to use the Legal Writers Wrap Up in your law firm marketing strategies


Every month, the Legal Writers Wrap Up highlights some of the major legal developments in Australian law. It’s been designed to give you current, interesting talking points that you can use in meetings with your clients and your law firm marketing strategies. The Legal Writers Wrap Up can also serve as a good starting point for your content marketing. Timely news updates and insightful…

Rakhee graduated from the University of Melbourne with Honours and began her career practising taxation law. While working for blue chip companies like ANZ, Foster’s and General Motors she developed a flair for writing. She’s been featured in The Australian, Forbes and BBC publications, and enjoys creating content that leverages her knowledge of the law and business. Her expertise includes taxation, migration, financial services, corporate and employment law.

Rakhee is based in Melbourne. You can contact her by email at rakhee@legalwriters.com.au or call her on +61 409 418 297.

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