4 ways to use the Legal Writers Wrap Up in your law firm marketing strategies


Every month, the Legal Writers Wrap Up highlights some of the major legal developments in Australian law. It’s been designed to give you current, interesting talking points that you can use in meetings with your clients and your law firm marketing strategies.

The Legal Writers Wrap Up can also serve as a good starting point for your content marketing. Timely news updates and insightful commentary can make for useful, engaging content. It also boosts your authority as an expert in your practice area, if done right.

Here are a few practical ways that you can use the Legal Writers Wrap Up in your law firm marketing strategies to generate more business today.

1. Create a newsletter or email campaign

One of the best ways to nurture connections with your existing clients is by sending out a regular newsletter. This can be either in print or an online marketing newsletter.

Your client’s inbox can be noisy, so it’s important that your newsletter grabs their attention by being both relevant and appealing. Depending upon your practice area, you can use information from the Legal Writers Wrap Up to create newsletters or succinct emails tailored to your audience. These are quite easy to set up using tools like MailChimp and can become a regular marketing asset for your firm.

While more expensive, glossy newsletters are another way to catch the attention of your clients. People don’t often receive hard copy newsletters anymore so yours will stand out and reflect your premium positioning. Just like an email newsletter, these can provide a snapshot of changes in the law that are relevant to your clients.

2. Update your blog

How often have you wondered what you should write on your blog? News items are great material for law firm blogs – they’re current and people want to know what affects them now. You can dissect a news item and address your clients’ concerns surrounding it.

You can post just one quick summary about the legal changes or create multiple in-depth posts around a current news item which can boost the authority of your website in that field. This means it will help you rank higher in search results. By also including plenty of relevant keywords you can help Google recognise that your website it a trustworthy source of information in this area. This is often called search engine optimisation (SEO) or search engine marketing.

It’s good to have a mix of long-form posts (over 1,200 words) as well as short, quick-read blog posts, to provide something for everyone who lands on your site. However, remember that timing is crucial when planning content around topical events. So if you don’t have time to keep your blog updated perhaps think about outsourcing your content so you can create high-quality blog posts quickly.

3. Promote legal changes on social media

Providing insightful commentary on events in the news is a great way to be noticed on social media and build your following as a thought leader. You can even use points from the Legal Writers Wrap Up to create a range of shareable social media collateral with your branding on it.

Try to create some polls around to start a discussion, or create images that have snapshots of relevant information. These don’t need to be too complicated and with tools like Canva can be quite easy to create.

By picking topics that are relevant to your practice area, you can build a social media presence that attracts people who are interested in or looking for experts in your domain.

4. Create short videos

Short, shareable videos that explain a news item and its relevance work very well on social media. They not only cater to modern attention spans but also allow your law firm to have a human face in the online sphere. Creating videos may seem daunting, but it’s an effective way to create content for multiple platforms in 30 minutes or less.

While a lot can be done with news updates, it can be difficult to produce high quality, targeted content for a variety of marketing channels before the update becomes old news. If you’re running short on time or could use some help to get started, do get in touch with us. We’d be happy to help you create effective content for your law firm.