How to develop a content marketing strategy from scratch

Start Your Content Marketing Strategy

You’re convinced. This is going to be the year you develop a content marketing strategy for your law firm, sit back and watch the new clients stream in. You’ll build your brand, become known as legal thought leaders, and maybe even go viral. Yes, this will definitely be Your Year. But first you have to get started. One common mistake that firms make is…

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How to Attract Dream Clients with Buyer Personas


So you’ve decided to develop a social media strategy. You’re not alone; law firms are increasingly competing in the online space, with a content marketing strategy and social media presence serving as a point of difference. But knowing that you need a social media strategy isn’t enough. You need to know who your strategy is aimed at. For example, a firm specialising in tax…

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Conquer the 3 challenges of great legal content


In remarks last week, NSW Chief Justice Tom Bathurst talked about a number of things – Depressed Darth Vader, hipster drinks –  including the tendency of lawyers to be ‘needlessly wordy’. His concern was that plain English is taking a back seat to legal jargon. That means less people are reading and engaging with the law. We agree. It is important that the public…

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