Five common social media mistakes and how to avoid them

social media marketing

Social media may have been dismissed as a teen fad a decade ago, but nobody can afford to dismiss it in 2018. With over 2 billion users of social media worldwide, social media marketing is an excellent way to promote your professional business. If used correctly, it can significantly increase the influence exerted by your law firm or accountancy practice, helping you find prospects and referral sources.

It’s no surprise then that businesses across the world have taken to social media. But marketing on social media isn’t just about hitting publish on a post. In the wrong hands, it can cause more harm than good – as any business which has gone viral for the wrong reasons can attest.

Here are the most common mistakes on social media, and how to avoid them:

Marketing without a social media strategy

Many businesses make the lethal mistake of diving into social media without a comprehensive strategy. This not only ends up wasting valuable time and resources, but could also end up damaging your law firm’s reputation.

A social media strategy is an essential blueprint that informs every step you take – from who your audience is to how often you should post. Outlining a strategy should be the first step on your social media marketing journey.

Not picking the right platforms

It can be quite tempting to want a presence on many platforms. However, maintaining social media pages is much more work than creating them. Inactive pages with poor engagement reflect badly on your law firm and drain time and resources as well. To avoid this, it is crucial to be selective about social media platforms.  Each platform serves a specific audience and requires content to be tailored accordingly.

Account for this in your social media strategy by identifying your ideal client, researching their online behaviour, and being present where they are most likely to connect with you. If you have a current social media presence, an audit will show you where you get the highest levels of engagement and guide your future strategy.

Spamming followers with too much promotion

To thrive on social media, add value to the lives of your followers. To expand your influence, your content must be relevant, engaging, and shareable. Posting too much promotional content does not capture the interest of your followers, and it can even turn algorithms against you.

To avoid falling into this trap, follow the 60-20-20 rule of social media content. 60% of your content should be something your followers can use or learn from (e.g shareable guides, tips, checklists), 20% should be centred around trending topics (e.g insightful commentary about updates in the law or news stories) and only 20% should promote your law firm and its services.

Not having a social media code of conduct

It does not take long for a post to turn into a meme or material for outrage, and damage control can be especially complicated. To avoid this, it is essential to have a written code of conduct that guides your social media manager, protects your reputation, and matches the values of your target audience on social media.

Not hiring a social media manager

Social media looks deceptively simple, but involves many variables for success. It demands a sound, targeted strategy in line with your law firm’s needs and resources, and consistent, quality execution. Avoid wasteful social media campaigns by bringing a professional on board. Professionals bring with them an in-depth understanding of platforms, metrics, and audiences. They can help you reach your ideal clients with useful and engaging content while saving you both time and effort.