Financial copywriter

Whether you’re giving advice or offering financial products, financial services is a complex area. As a highly regulated area, every word you use needs to meet the requirements of the law but also be easy for your clients to understand. From your website and brochures to newsletters and product disclosure statements (PDS), it’s important that your words are clear and accurate. A good financial copywriter can help you do this, so you can spend more time with your clients.

Your financial copywriter

Writing about financial services and products is a specialised skill. A good financial services copywriter needs to understand what your clients need and how you help them achieve this, and also what your legal obligations are. After all, you don’t want ASIC or APRA to come knocking at your door because you’ve said something you shouldn’t have.

At Legal Writers, all of our financial copywriters are legally qualified. Some have worked in financial services and have experience doing website copywriting that is interesting, informative, accurate and in plain English. They have also created and rewritten technical documents so that they meet the requirements of responsible lending, remove the legalese, and are in a language that your clients understand.

Website copywriting

The best financial advice websites are clear, concise and informative. They don’t overwhelm clients with too much legal jargon but instead give them information that can help them make good financial decisions. Your web content should also help Google and other search engines find you if it is search engine optimised (SEO). Quality content that has SEO will help bring qualified leads for financial advisors and financial service providers. A good financial copywriting agency can also help you do this.

Your website content may include:

– The pages that explain your services or product

– Profiles of key individuals in your business

– Your blog posts

– Any ebooks, whitepapers, checklists or other value-add documents on your website

– Podcasts, videos or images

– Brochures and other documents that you use in the marketing of financial services

Compliance, Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) and Statements of Advice (SOA)

financial-services-copywriterThere are many compliance documents that you also need to create and keep updated. These need to include very specific things to make sure that documents, your advice, and your products all meet financial services laws and regulations. These include:

– Product disclosure statement (PDS)

– Statements of advice (SOA) template

– Policy documents

– Financial planner manual

– Australian financial services licensee manual

– Credit licensee manual

– Financial advisor manual

– SMSF services manual

Some of these are required under the law, while others are useful documents that form part of your quality assurance or risk management program.

At Legal Writers, we have helped financial services organisations meet their compliance requirements. We have:

– Created manuals to support quality assurance programs

– Reviewed and redrafted PDS’ to remove the legalese and put them in plain English

– Redrafted SOA templates to put them in language that clients will understand

– Revised marketing brochures and sales collateral to make sure it is easy to read

– Created and revised policy and procedure documents

Financial Advisor Newsletter Content

One of the best ways for wealth advisors and financial planners to keep their clients informed and attract new ones is to send out a regular newsletter. This can be done by either email or in hard copy, for that premium touch. While there are several businesses that create standard newsletters, these often use templates and standard articles. While these may be relatively inexpensive, they aren’t tailored specifically to your clients and may also be used by your competitors. This means your competitors are sending out exactly the same newsletter as you!

If you want your financial update to stand out and add real value to your clients, it’s a good idea to tailor your financial advisor newsletter content to your clients and create fresh content that reflects their needs. Creating your own regular update doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive though.

At Legal Writers, we can help you create a regular financial update that helps your clients, reflects your brand and is informative within your budget. This means you don’t need to think of new topics and come up with interesting ideas – we do that for you. Because everything we do is bespoke, we will build it to meet your exacting requirements. And better yet, we’ll make sure it goes out regularly, so you can spend your time focusing on your clients. You can be heavily involved in the content, or just sign it off – it’s up to you.

As financial copywriters who understand how challenging it is to work in a heavily regulated industry, we can help you meet your regulatory obligations and create copy that your clients understand.