Is social media for lawyers too risky?


If the events of the last couple of months have shown us anything, it’s the power of social media. One day tweeting your mind can help you become President and the next it can land you in a boiling soup of constitutional and ethical dilemmas. So when it comes to your own reputation and that of your firm’s is social media for lawyers just…

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Conquer the 3 challenges of great legal content


In remarks last week, NSW Chief Justice Tom Bathurst talked about a number of things – Depressed Darth Vader, hipster drinks –  including the tendency of lawyers to be ‘needlessly wordy’. His concern was that plain English is taking a back seat to legal jargon. That means less people are reading and engaging with the law. We agree. It is important that the public…

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Does your law firm really need content marketing?


Recently I had a question about a particular point of immigration law. I didn’t know whether I needed a lawyer, I just knew I needed some more information so I could decide whether I needed to engage an expert. My first point of call was Google. I typed in “immigration law Australia” and up popped a long list of websites, most of which looked rather…

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